Support Policy Statement

1 Stop Rec Limited is a company t/a DBS Solutions will be responsible for Countersigning DBS and/or DS Disclosure applications.

DBS Solutions will update, enhance and upgrade the system at our sole discretion. DBS Solutions will ensure that the system is always compliant with the latest DBS compliance and the DS Website. For the avoidance of doubt, DBS Solutions has no control over the length of time taken for a DBS and/or DS Disclosure results to be returned and certificates issued; or the availability of Services and Results from our Partners.

  1. Performance & Availability
  • DBS Solutions aims to make the website as available as reasonably possible, however at times there will be a requirement to suspend all or part of the system for a short period, for maintenance;
  • The website will normally be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, save for reasonable maintenance windows as detailed at 1.1 and/or as a result of events outside our control; and
  • The system will normally be available from any location that is not subject to fire walling or filtering beyond DBS Solutions’ control subject to your connection to the intent and other systems requirements, all of which are your responsibility.
  1. Maintenance windows
  • The following time will be classified as “at risk” time, during which the system may be unavailable due to maintenance and therefore access to the system may be prevented without notice; 7pm –6am, Monday to Sunday. You acknowledge that the above is for information only and that the system may be unavailable for maintenance at times other than those listed above;
  • DBS Solutions reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to temporarily suspend the system to carry out preventative maintenance or to protect the integrity of the service; and
  • DBS Solutions will endeavour where possible to notify customers of any maintenance being carried out either within or outside of these times 48 hours in advance.
  1. Support
  • DBS Solutions will be available to receive customer calls between the hours of 8.30am and 4.45pm Monday to Friday on days DBS Solutions is open for business. DBS Solutions will use reasonable endeavours to assist with any issues relating to the availability of the system and any queries concerning use of the system.
  • Response times to any issues will be within 2 working hours.
  1. Security

Customers’ data is kept securely and DBS Solutions will use commercially reasonable endeavours to ensure that:

  • All personal data on the system is stored securely and encrypted to AES 256 bit level;
  • All DBS Solutions employees involved in the provisioning of the service are trained, checked and authorised to handle any data; and
  • All communications containing confidential data are secure and encrypted using SSL encryption.
  1. Physical Security

The physical boundary and offices of DBS Solutions provide:

  • Access to premises is restricted by a secure, locked fence and is over seen by means of external CCTV cameras;
  • The receptionist is situated at the entrance door for visitors;
  • A security alarm is fitted to meet the industry regulations and tested regularly;