About us 

DBS Umbrella Solution, has been creating safer, employment screening checks since 1998, supporting customers across the UK since 1998.

From small businesses to large organisations and charities across diverse sectors, our systems and processes have been designed to offer flexible, adaptable solutions to meet your business needs.

There are no hidden costs or set up fees and no minimum or maximum limits!

Our online user-friendly platform is a quick and reliable way of submitting a DBS check. Our platform allows you to make safer hiring decisions, supporting you with recruitment decisions.

At DBS Umbrella Solution, we offer friendly and expert advice, and our specialist team are always happy to answer any queries you may have.

Let our team of Account Managers guide you through the DBS Checking process:

DBS Umbrella Solution is part of 1 Stop Rec Limited, established in 1998.

Lead Countersignatory:

Irma Stevens: Founder and Lead Counter signatory for DBS Umbrella Solution.

Our Countersignatories:

Eve Stevens: Professional and friendly, Eve is one of our trusted signatory’s and Account Managers.

Maisie Watts: Lead Identity verifier

For more information about our services, how to open an account with us or to speak to one of our experts contact us today.


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